5 Steps to Choosing the Right Binoculars

Whether you’re bird-watching, hunting, or stargazing, you should look for a binocular that shows fine details, makes colors stand out, and provides clarity to what can be seen. So, how do you choose the right binoculars for yourself? First, let’s take a look at the details.

Select a Magnification

The number specs on binoculars identify their magnification power and size of the lens, also known as the objective magnification power. The size and magnification power you should be looking for will depend on your preferred activity. For example, if you’re hunting in the mountains, it’s best to get a 10x or 12x magnification. However, the higher the magnification, the narrower view, more noticeable handshake, and more challenging image focus. Thankfully, the Steiner Predator Series Hunting Binoculars promises to keep everything focused no matter how near or far. Its 10x magnification, wide field of view, and CAT coatings make it the leading binocular for hunting.

Choose Larger Lenses for Long Distances

The perfect binocular for long-distance views, like bird-watching, should be versatile and portable. Choose larger objective lenses to have a wider field of view, making it easier to spot and follow the movements of birds. We recommend the Fujinon Mariner 7x50 WPC-XL Porro Prism Binocular that has a built-in energy-saving LED nightlight if you need it after dark.

Choose Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Water-resistant means the outer body of the binocular can resist maybe a few small splashes but can’t fight them entirely. Meanwhile, waterproof means you can bring it while you’re whitewater rafting or skiing without any worries about it submerging in water. Take note that waterproof binoculars are more expensive than water-resistant ones. You can check out Nikon 7485 PROSTAFF 10x25 Waterproof All-Terrain Binocular if you want the waterproof feature.

Find Clarity and Sharp Images

Look for a binocular that has glass lenses to provide better image quality. Although you’re paying a bit more, the bright, accurate color and crisp images cannot be compared. Take a look at Steiner Military/Marine 8x30 Binocular that boasts exceptional optical performance and focus over 60 feet.

Determine Between a Porro Prism or Roof Prism

Porro prisms have a larger body and give near objects a 3-dimensional effect. Meanwhile, the Roof prism is compact and lets the primary lenses rest straight with the eyepieces, making low-quality images.

Nevertheless, if you want a compact binocular that produces a high-quality picture, go for the Nikon Monarch HG Binocular.

Depending on how you’re using your binoculars, you may need some accessories for aid, like tripods, shoulder and wrist straps, or backpacks. Shop everything you’ll need here.

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