8 Items Every Hunter Needs

Lost for time is what happens when you're hiking, glassing, hunting, and scouting for your next prey. With this, you need the right hunting gear to combat anything that comes your way. You don't have to worry about a thing because we've got you covered with the items every new or experienced hunter needs to check off their list before they step outside. 


To keep your hands free from any distractions, you need some sort of reliable light source that is attachable. Choose a high-powered light with rubberized housing and adjustable headband like the Cyclops Ranger Cree XPE. Having a handy headlamp is a lifesaver when you're dressing an animal in the dark or when you need to be alert for danger.


What do you call a hunting activity without a knife? Well, that's a death trap. It's never a bad idea to carry several knives with you as no one knows what you may encounter in the wild. A high-quality knife set like the Defcon Jungle Knife Series HYBRID D2 is the best, even for beginners.


Even with 20/20 vision, hunters still need a binocular to see far and wide. This valuable equipment is helpful to spot games and prepare you to spot things in the long range. A binocular can also help you prepare in the season to understand your distance from various places such as bushes, tree stands, duck blinds, etc. The Sig Sauer 5270-1296 Binocular is one of the best because of its laser range and rugged build.

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are helpful in many ways. One of the benefits is that you don't have to watch the trail of a deer continuously. It's compact and straightforward, with no high-tech knowledge needed. With the Bushnell by Primos Prime Trail Camera you can have a powerful one where capturing wildlife footage is also a breeze.

Switch Assembly and Tape Switches

If you have a rifle, you need a switch assembly and tape switches that act as illumination tools. We recommend the switch assembly and tape switches for SureFire M Series Scout Light because of their 7-inch cable and weatherproof durability.

Stun Gun and LED Flashlights

Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun packs a powerful punch even though it's small in size. It has three powerful built-in LED flashlights that illuminate any darkness. Don't underestimate the power it releases- it zaps painfully for your protection and peace of mind.

Drop Aways

Versatile and compatible mountain block designs are some of the reasons why QAD Ultra-Rest Pro HDX Drop Away Right Hand Rest sets apart from any other drop away. It also has an easy-adjust cord lock, advanced vibration system, and increased spring tension.

Freezer Packs

If you’re going to be out for a long day or night, you’re going to have to pack some fuel. Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh with a leak-free icepack and a well-insulated cooler bag. These ARCTIC ICE Alaskan Series Freezer Packs are a must have- durable, efficient, and reusable.

There you have it! We wouldn’t recommend leaving the cabin without these essentials. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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