Hunting Knife Buyers Guide

You can’t call yourself a hunter without a knife. Hunting knives are used for multiple tasks; from skinning, to cutting, to even defending yourself from animals. You can’t count on anyone to protect or cut something for you out in the wilderness. That’s why every hunter needs a reliable tool. We’ll help you choose the best hunting knives for your next trip.


Camp Knife

One of the most popular hunting knives- the camp knife. The Camp Knife has a multi-purpose design that does most of the tasks. It's uses include: reflective signaling, self-defense, screwdriver, dislodging a hook, or opening a can. It can also take the role of a screwdriver or a small saw.

The DEFCON D2 TOOL STEEL HUNTING FIXED BLADE KNIFE is the best camping knife we’ve seen so far.


Bowie Knife

A bowie knife is a highly versatile and effective tool. This type of knife is exceptional with activities such as chopping, carving, skinning, self-defense, and even building shelter.

The STEEL WILL CHIEFTAIN is a bowie knife that’s non-reflective and incredibly well-designed that it can even use as a glass breaker and makeshift hammer.

Jungle Knife

A jungle knife is what you need if you want an extreme ripping action from an animal’s flesh and heavy-duty skinning on your prize animal.

You’ll love the DEFCON JUNGLE KNIFE SERIES D2 BLADE TITANIUM that can fold, yet its blade can cut through almost anything. The handle is craft to absorb shock while using the Defcon Jungle Knife to cut through a fierce animal. It’s the perfect partner outdoors.

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife's design has many purposes, but it is highly effective with hunting, camping, or everyday cutting needs. It is also used as a self-defense tool outdoors, and you might encounter a wild animal. The BUCKNBEAR KNIVES PIRANHA TACTICAL 3.6IN KNIFE is the only thing you need during your trip. You can count on it in any circumstances.

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