Top 4 Mountain Peaks That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever peeked out of the window of an airplane and saw how vast the earth really is? Imagine seeing that while also inhaling the fresh, crisp air from above sea heights. Most hikers and backpackers know that mountain peak views are a special sight to see. We think it’s because so many people have never, and will never be able to see for themselves. We put together a list of our favorite mountain peak views for the adventurous campers. 

Damavand, Iran

The majestic view of the Damavand that boasts hot springs from the dormant volcano's pockmark has an altitude from 18,40ft to over 19,000ft. You can see the steam rising as it belongs in the Elburz Mountains, located above the glorious Caspian Sea, Northeast of Tehran. 


Mount Elbrus, Russia

The enigmatic Mount Elbrus can be found in the Caucasus Mountains. Some may describe it as a watchtower between two continents, sandwiched between Europe and Asia. It offers a must-see mountain peak view that could change your life. However, you need to get ready for a strenuous climb. Mount Elbrus is a massive double cone volcano that boasts its west summit standing at 18,510ft and the east meeting slightly lower at 18,442ft.


Mount Khuiten, Mongolia

Do you want to experience one of the most scenic climbs of your life? Straddling the borders of Mongolia, China, and Russia are Mount Khuiten. It's one of the last remote and untouched regions of the world that attracts pro-mountaineers. It has an altitude of 14,350ft but also attracts trekkers because of its equally scenic landscape.


The Andes, Peru

Do you know the mountain that forms the most extended mountain range on earth? Well, that is the Andes Mountains found in Peru. It begins on the west coast of South America and serves seven countries too. You can even add one of the famous archaeological wonders of the world, the Macchu Picchu, to your trail. Mountaineers call it the Inca Trail, which is described as a once-in-a-lifetime trek that can be enjoyed by a physically fit individual of any age. Just imagine having the privilege to visit historical sites and experience firsthand the beautiful nature of Peru when you trek The Andes.

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