How To Use Trail Cameras For Turkey Hunting

Turkey season is the best time to use your trail cameras if you want to take home a gobbler. You’ll hear a ground-shaking sound resonating across the clearing. Only a few more steps and you can finally pull the trigger, but not without the help of a handy camera.
Here’s your simple guide on how to use trail cameras to your advantage.

Use Google Maps

Lo and behold! Google Maps can help you identify the best scouting areas for turkey roost, travel, and feed. If you opt to go the natural route, it’s okay but Google Maps is an easier option.

Walk and Learn

Once you get the hang of the place, it’s time to step on the terrain and learn to walk on it. Take note of barriers you’ll encounter like creeks, steep terrain, water areas, fences, thickets, or tall grass. The often-sporadic behavior of turkey does present a challenge, but keeping your eyes and ears open for visual and audible clues can help.

Get Your Cameras Up High

Put your cameras in a high position as turkeys are small, especially when they are frolicking in a large field. Place the camera high above your head and identify turkey patterns. Always make sure you capture the area where they enter and exit in the fields.

Put Cameras in Low Spots, Too

It is for tight spots, dense woods, or along a small path where high positioning isn’t the best option. Placing the cameras one or two feet high above ground level is common for hunters. It is also a great tactic to capture beautiful photos.
For camera choices, we recommend the Bushnell by Primos Prime Trail Cameraor this Primos Prime Trail Camera Combo, which comes with the batteries and memory card you can't go without. These options are both high quality and affordable. 
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