APOC Butterfly Swords SD35590 Black

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It’s a monastic life living on the wasteland after apocalypse for a lone survivor. With limited food and little conversation or hope, all that you have on your person or in your hands is all that you need to make it another day. But on that occasion when you’re tag teamed by a couple of ruffians, its good have a surprise of your own. Our APOC Butterfly Swords give you that advantage in both hands for defense and offense. With a single draw from your Molle compatible Kydex sheath, these mirrored twin 5160 steel blades spring to life to deal out doom to your would-be attackers. The 10 5/8” black coated blade features a zero rake in the “a la Moy Yat” blade profile style. The milled G-10 handle slabs are comfortable in the hand with black coated guard protects your fingers. At 2 lbs 5 oz these Butterfly Swords are hefty enough to do some serious damage but light enough to keep you dexterous and lethal. Overall: 16 1/8" Blade Length: 10 5/8" Handle Length: 5 1/4" Weight: 2 lbs 5oz Thickness at Guard: 5. 5mm Blade Steel: 9260 Handle Material: G10

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