Cold Steel 95MBOA Maa European Boar Spear

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Cold Steel maa European Boar spear. Cold Steel European Boar spear takes inspiration from antique germanic hunting spears. With its characteristically broad, oversized head and twin cutting edges and pronounced double quillons it is a high performance example of this iconic hunting tool. Featuring a stout Leaf shaped blade with twin cutting edges and a thick reinforcing central spine, the European Boar spear will stab and cut with surprising ease. It's sturdy quillons stop the spear from penetrating too deeply when used against dangerous game, and make excellent parrying and trapping tools when Fighting a two legged opponent. Complete with an stout, thick premium American ash shaft, the European Boar spear is sure to be very popular with the big game hunting community, re-enactors and historical martial artists. Specifications: - weight (all): 79.9 oz. - weight (head): 31.9 oz. - head length: 18" - handle: 65" ash wood - steel: 1055 carbon - overall: 83"