Cold Steel 97JMS Universal Carbon Steel Tactical Jungle Machete with Cor-Ex Sheath, 22 Inch Length, Black

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Whether you're taking a trip to the wilderness or just clearing out old brush in your backyard, the Carbon Steel Tactical Jungle Machete by Cold Steel has you covered. This fun and distinctive jungle machete is constructed from premium spring tempered 1055 carbon steel for superior strength and stability when chopping. It provides a weight forward chop to properly chop through vines, saplings, brush, and even small trees. The sharp point offers a multitude of survival capabilities when camping, hunting, and in the wilderness. This universal machete comes complete with a premium 6-inch handle for optimal control and grip. Sharpened in the Cold Steel Ventura headquarters, each of these Machetes comes complete with a Cor-Ex sheath for carrying and storage. Bring home the modern twist on traditional machetes with the Carbon Steel Tactical Jungle Machete by Cold Steel.

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