Guard Dog Security World's Only All-in-One Stun Gun - Pepper Spray - Flashlight, Olympian, Purple

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Complete Protection Equip yourself with a handy, compact flashlight that is also the world’s most practical and all-inclusive personal security device. Guard Dog Security's Olympian is the world’s first and only stun gun, flashlight and pepper spray in one compact, hand-held design. No need to decide which personal security tool is the best to carry when this one convenient defense product combines all non-lethal devices into one. Single-hand operation allows the user to identify, stun and spray within milliseconds of reaction time in a high stress situation. Powerful Flashlight Identify your surroundings or assailants with 175 lumens of blinding light and a beam distance of greater than 50 yards. Providing pure, white light with 100,000 hours of bulb life, it is also ideal as a daily use flashlight. Red Hot Pepper Spray Activate Guard Dog’s red hot pepper spray from up to 16 feet away from assailants, for effective distance defense. Using the world’s hottest and most reliable self-defense spray will cause immobilizing irritation to the eyes, skin and throat of an attacker, while invisible UV identifying dye verifies the assailant even days after use. High Voltage, Concealed Stun Technology Stun in close proximity and for immobilization with an electrifying high voltage thrust, or scare an attacker with the sound alone. Featuring Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology, all stunner prongs are completely concealed, so the stun gun looks like a simple flashlight. The powerful stun will disable an attacker and the massive sound will scare off any other potential assailants. Safe and Reliable Ensuring you are always ready with a quick response but preventing accidental discharge, the Olympian features a dual safety switch for separately disabling the stun gun and pepper spray, keeping you completely in control. The rechargeable battery is supplied with a handy USB charger, so your personal protection device is always ready to use, and you never have to buy batteries again. Guard Dog Olympian Stun Gun/Pepper Spray/Flashlight Features High voltage stun that can scare from sound alone Industry-leading Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty. 16 foot pepper spray range UV identifying dye 175 lumen flashlight can illuminate up to 50 yards away Up to 100,000 hours bulb life Measures 1.1” x 4” x 2.1” Weighs just 4 ounces Rechargeable battery USB Charger included The Best In The Industry Guard Dog's exclusive Concealed Stun Technology brings you functionality that is truly practical. With no visible prongs on the top of our stun guns, your security device is fully concealed until use. Don't trust your security with cheap knockoffs, Guard Dog's Concealed Stun Technology is the best in the industry. Safety is no accident. Buy your Stun Gun Pepper Spray Flashlight today!

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