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Levenhuk Science Laboratory Rainbow 2L Lime Microscope

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See Levenhuk Rainbow Microscopes in action- Do you want to make your child interested in science? Give him or her the bright Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Lime Microscope and open the door to a world of exciting discoveries. This microscope makes it possible to observe the life of Paramecium, study house plants and cat fur, or examine coins in detail. The kit of the microscope includes everything required for conducting enthralling experiments. Even picky teenagers will love the stylish and eye-catching design of this microscope. High-quality optics and wide range of magnifications- Microscope lenses are made of special glass, which features high transparency and doesn't distort the view. To increase light transmission even further, the optical surfaces are covered with multilayer coating, so produced images are always highly detailed, clear and sharp. The kit of the microscope includes three objective lenses, providing it with wide magnification range of 40-400x. Objectives are installed in the revolving nosepiece, so all you need to do to change the magnification is turn it. Combined illumination- Another important feature of this model is double illumination. Lower illumination is required in order to observe transparent samples - for example, a fly's wing or an onion peel. Upper illumination works when you observe opaque objects; for example, you can examine the texture of a small stone or scratches on the surface of a coin invisible to the naked eye. Semitransparent samples can be observed with both upper and lower illuminations turned on. The smooth brightness adjustment mechanism allows choosing the right level of illumination for any given sample very easy. Comfort of use- The microscope's body is made of plastic, which is very lightweight, but at the same time sturdy enough to serve a long time even when used intensely. The 45deg inclination of the microscope's head allows looking through the microscope with comfort.

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