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Levenhuk Science Laboratory Rainbow 50L Moonstone Microscope

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See Levenhuk Rainbow Microscopes in action: Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Moonstone Microscope is a great gift for anyone interested in biology and science. The instrument allows for observing and studying familiar objects of our surrounding environment under 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x and even 800x magnification. With this microscope you can find out how plants, animals and humans are structured; take a look at how microscopic organisms, usually hidden from us, live in their own micro-universe; and, of course, conduct a number of exciting experiments. The kit includes everything a novice researcher might need - in the box you will find prepared microscope slides to observe right away as well as tools allowing you to create your own slides. High magnification power: The microscope comes with three objective lenses providing 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification power. Changing the magnification is very easy - just rotate the revolving nosepiece. The Barlow lens included in the kit doubles the magnification you get with every objective, so the highest power you can obtain out of the box is 800x. All optical elements are made of high-quality glass of high transparency. In order to enhance light transmission, the lenses are covered with multilayer coating. Such a design allows for producing highly detailed, sharp and clear images. Double illumination: All microscopes in the Levenhuk Rainbow 50L series are equipped with two LED illumination systems.

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