Nitecore 9004671 (Sysmax Industrial) TM03 Tactical Flashlight, Black

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Pattern Name:One IMR18650D battery

The nit core TM03 is runs on a single 18650 battery and is the brightest flashlight on the market to do so. Equipped with a Cree Xhp70, this light is capable of up to 2800 lumens available in a suppressive burst for tactical and self-defense purposes. It can be taken anywhere in your backpack or pocket. It is great for law enforcement, military, searching, camping, hiking, exploring, security, or anything else that requires extreme luminosity and beam throw. Note: nit core TM03 doesn't come with the built-in charging capability. The dedicated imr 18650 can be charged with any nit core 18650 charger. However, if you need a charger, you can select the option to include a Um10 charger.

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