SOG Kilowatt- Electricians Pocket Knife with Wire Stripping Multi-Tool and 3.4 Inch AUS-8 Blade, UTP 10-22G Wire Stripper Knife (EL01-CP)

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Product Description

You don’t need to be an electrician to get a charge out of the Kilowatt, a 3.4” AUS-8 stainless steel blade combined with three ways to strip 10+ wire sizes. Homeowners, contractors, tech pros and everyday Joes will find plenty of use for this reversible one hand-open pocket knife with low-carry clip.

Get "charged up" with the Kilowatt folding knife from SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, the first working theme knife designed for the electrician, homeowner, contractor, or anyone who might need to strip wire in a pinch. Three separate systems address wire from fine multi strand all the way up to cable.

At a Glance
EL-01CP Kilowatt 3.4-Inch Folding Knife
At a Glance:
  • Three integrated wire stripping devices for wire from 24 to 10 AWG

  • 3.4-inch straight edge stain finished AUS8 stainless steel blade

  • Rugged black glass-reinforced nylon handle with built in wire strippers

  • Pocket clip

  • Limited lifetime warranty
At a Glance

It includes a stripper bar for wire sizes of 12-24, an adjustable spring-loaded UPT/wire stripper in the back, and, just in case, SOG's patent pending hole stripper that uses the main blade. Schematic grips, high-voltage tower clip, insulator thumb stud, and a 3.4 inch blade are signatures that make this a very unique liner lock knife. All SOG products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original purchaser.

Cryogenic Heat Treatment

SOG's unique cryogenic heat treatment process increases the toughness and wear resistance of our blades. Taking the knife slowly down in temperature to less than -300 degrees F and then back to room temperature. This stress relieves the material on an atomic level and increases overall strength as well as edge retention. Knife edges stay sharp longer with significantly less micro-fracturing and edge-chipping.

Caring for Your Folding Knife

Keeping your knife clean, dry, oiled and sharp are the primary defenses against corrosion, wear, and potential injury. Be sure to clean the blade and handle after each use--however, do not soak your knife in water. A mild solution of soap and water should remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated during use (avoid harsh detergents such as laundry or dish soap, and chlorine products). To remove any debris from inside the handle you can use a toothpick for any visible lint or dirt, or a Q-Tip for smaller amounts of dirt and debris.

After cleaning or after exposure to moisture be sure to completely dry your knife blade and handle, taking special care with any sensitive handle materials. Use a soft cotton cloth or chamois and a small amount of moisture-displacing oil (such as WD-40 or 3-in-1), on the blade only, to prevent water spots and oxidation from forming.

Fingerprints and weather are the primary causes of rusting or corrosion on a knife blade. To keep your knife looking its best, SOG recommends that you give your blade a light coat of oil after each cleaning, and prior to long term storage. Be sure to also apply a Paraffin-based oil to the pivot point, which will not only keep the action of your blade smooth but will repel dirt and debris which could impede the blade's action.

Blade length 3.4 x 0.12 inches
Overall length 7.5 inches
Weight 3.3 ounces
Steel AUS 8
Edge Straight
HRC 57-58
Finish Satin
Handle Glass-reinforced nylon (GRN)

What's in the Box

EL-01CP Kilowatt 3.4-inch folding knife

EL-01CP wires EL-01CP wires EL-01CP wires

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