Tovatec Dash 2.0 Compact Light

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Small, but mighty, this Tovatec Dash 2.0 Dive Flashlight makes for a perfect backup dive light or photography light. With 120 lumens pushing through an LED bulb, you have 15° of bright, powerful light beaming from this little light source. It's perfect for focusing on an object or sea creature to get a better look or to use when exploring tight spaces. You have plenty of runtime with this light, burning at full power for 90 minutes or half power for up to three hours. The Dash 2.0 Dive Light will go as deep as you do, so slide it into your BC pocket and stay prepared for whatever amazing sight you may come by on your adventure. 120 Lumens Narrow, concentrated 15° beam coverage Small, but powerful dive light Depth rating: 328 ft Rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion battery included 90 minute runtime on full power; 3 hour runtime on half power setting Twist head on-off system LED bulb