Wasabi WBS0500 kai Wasabi Black 5-Piece Knife Block Set, Silver, One Size

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Get four key pieces of kitchen cutlery and accessories in an attractive wood block with the Wasabi 5 Piece Block Set. You get three must-have items: the Wasabi Chef's Knife, Paring Knife, and Utility Knife, plus a honing steel to help keep your Wasabi collection in top shape. The block includes enough open slots so that you can expand your Wasabi collection over time. This convenient block set is a perfect way to bring the harmony, beauty, and style of Japanese cutlery to your kitchen.

The Wasabi series features traditional Japanese single-bevel blade shapes as well as a selection of double-bevel Western-style blade shapes. Single-beveled blades excel when extremely precise cuts are needed—for example, when preparing sushi. Double-beveled blades offer ease of use and versatility. Wasabi brings you the best of both worlds. The blades are high-carbon stainless steel designed to take and hold a sharp edge, with a graze finish that gives them an attractive, brushed look. Paired with black polypropylene handles in a traditional Japanese style, Wasabi brings beauty and harmonious food preparation to any kitchen.


  • Steel: High-carbon stainless steel, graze finished
  • Hand sharpened to 16° cutting angle each side (32° comprehensive)
  • Handle: Polypropylene

Set Includes

  • 4 in. Paring Knife
  • 6 in. Utility Knife
  • 8 in. Chef's Knife
  • Combination Honing Steel (made in China)
  • 11-Slot Wood Block (made in China)

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